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Moving a number to your local UK number to RingCentral? Follow these steps to ensure your number transfer goes smoothly.

If you are porting in to RingCentral

If you are transferring 100 or more numbers from the same carrier, please let us know here as we assist with project-based porting. Your number must be active with your provider in order for it to be transferred to RingCentral. You may cancel your phone service after the transfer is complete.


Before you begin your number transfer request, please check with your current service provider to ensure your numbers are active and your account has the correct requirements stated below. You will need to provide the following information exactly as it appears on record with your current provider: 
  • Company name and address
  • Name of the account holder (authorised to make changes to the account)
  • Service address (physical/emergency address where the phone numbers currently ring)
  • Current service provider name and address. Please contact your reseller for the underlying provider information
  • The correct post code and Main Billing Number associated with the numbers are required
  • Phone number(s) to be transferred
  • Signed letter of authorisation (download the copy on the number transfer process)
  • Copy of recent telephone bill relating to the numbers being transferred
  • Additional information/documentation may be requested at the time of port. For example, the carrier may request a photocopy of an ID
  • Partial porting is usually not supported. Please contact a Number Transfer Representative for clarification should you need to port a partial block of numbers
Please review the information carefully as a mismatch will restart the order to day 0. If you are unsure about your current service information, contact your current service provider.


Porting time is from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM in the country of origin. The porting window is 0-3 hours. This process usually takes around 30 business days to complete after you’ve submitted your request through your RingCentral account. However, the timing may depend on your current service provider or the complexity of the request.
To avoid delaying the process, it’s best to initiate the port before you cancel your account with your current provider. You will need to cancel your previous service after your number has been transferred. Transferring your phone number may cause your carrier to automatically cancel. Check with your current carrier.

How it works

1. Verifying
The information needed to port your number will be collected when you create your order in your RC Admin Portal. For complete instructions on how to submit your request, please check Transfer your Local Number to RingCentral UK.
If you choose an option that can inhibit the port request, a caution will appear in yellow under the question with additional information. If red, the system will not allow the agent/customer to proceed further with the port request.
After entering your billing telephone number (BTN) and checking the transfer BTN box (as pictured below), a popup will display all numbers entered for the port request. Leave the box unchecked if you do not want to transfer the BTN. However, there must be additional numbers in the box below the BTN field.
You may also select to choose a temporary number (TN) or go to the next step to add more numbers.
Complete the information in each section. After this, select the type of account and follow these instructions: 
  • Name - Business name and person authorized to make changes to the account
  • Service - Location where the numbers are active
  • Others - Such as contact information, current and previous service providers
During this process, you will need to upload the necessary documents to complete your porting request. Some carriers may require additional verification information. Please keep in mind that the order is not complete until the required documentation has been added to the case. If this happens, we will contact you. 
You may also add comments, if any, for your existing carrier. If multiple people need porting updates, please add their email addresses.
Please upload your LOA as the system will not allow you to proceed further without it.
2. Porting
Our Number Transfer team will send your transfer request to your current service provider.  Once the order is complete, you will receive an email stating that we have submitted the transfer request. 
3. Checking the status of your current number transfer
After completing your request online, you can see the status of your request under Phone System > Phone Numbers >Transferred and Vanity > Transfer Orders
If the order receives a rejection, it will be shown on the Order Details section. Instructions on how to resolve the issue will be available in this section and sent via email. For more information, check these Helpful Number Porting FAQs.
Need further assistance?
You may also call RCUK Customer Care at 0800 014 8091 or numbertransfer-uk@ringcentral.com. (Please note that this email address is only for UK porting orders.) 
4. Success!
We will place test calls to verify the calls are routing to the RingCentral network.  Once the calls are routing via RingCentral correctly, we will notify you via email to confirm that your number(s) have ported successfully. If this is a project-based port, an agent will contact you directly via phone or email.

Additional Resources

Need help?

The Number Transfer Department can be reached via email at ntd.helpdesk@ringcentral.com.
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