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Call controls refer to actions that can be performed on an active call. They appear under the dialpad or in a script, and they can be useful in a variety of situations. Call controls include requeueing, transfering, holding, muting, or dispositioning a call.
There are basic call controls such as those mentioned above, and there are advanced call controls the admin can configure and place inside a script. For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on the basic call controls found under the dialpad.
View of the call controls under the dial pad

Understanding call controls

The definitions provided below refer to call controls that can be accessed under the dialpad.
  • Requeue: Select the Requeue looping arrow icon to put the call back into a different queue. This can be useful when the caller’s concerns can be better addressed by a different queue.
  • Transfer: Click the Transfer pointing arrows icon to transfer the call to another agent, a supervisor, or an external line. When transferring, you can choose to stay on the call or not.
  • Disposition: Select the Disposition pencil and paper icon to disposition, or mark the outcome, of the call.
  • Hold: Click the Hold pause button to put the call on hold. When this occurs, you and the caller will not hear each other — instead, the caller will hear the hold music that the administrator has configured for that queue.
  • Mute: Select Mute to turn off your mic. The caller cannot hear you, but you can hear them.
  • Record: Click the Record mic icon to start recording the call. Select this button again to stop recording the call.
If any of the call control icons are blue, this means they have been selected or are in an active state.
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