Engage Voice | Making a manual outbound call

Manual outbound calls refer to calls dialed via the dialpad. You can use the dialpad to make 'one-off' calls, or calls not related to any campaigns or queues. 
There may be times that you will need to place manual outbound calls, for example, if you need to return a call from a customer who got disconnected. 
Not all agents can perform manual outbound calls. You need to be given permission by the admin to make outbound calls. 

Making a manual outbound call

To perform a manual outbound call, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to My calls via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Insert a number in the dialpad by either typing that number in the field above or pressing the numbers on the keypad.
3. Select the Manual dial settings text at the bottom of the dialpad to expand a list of configuration settings.
4. After clicking Manual dial settings, some fields will appear where you can configure the Caller ID, Queue, Country, or Ring time. Select the appropriate setting from the dropdown menu for each field.
5. Click on the green phone icon below the dialpad to dial that number.

Configuring manual dial settings

Now that we’ve reviewed how to perform a manual outbound call, let’s review the settings you might find under the Manual dial settings section. Note that depending on your permissions or dial group you selected, some settings may not appear.
  • Caller ID: The Caller ID you will use to make the call. A default Caller ID will be assigned by the admin, but if there are other options, you will see them in the dropdown menu.
  • Queue: Connecting a manual outbound call to a queue means the call will use the script and dispositions for that queue.
  • Country: Choose the country you want to make the call to if international calls are allowed by the admin.
  • Ring time (seconds): The number of seconds the system will wait for someone to pick up the call.
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