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Last updated on May 13, 2022
RingCentral Live Reports displays a snapshot of trending data metrics—such as queue statuses and queue members’ call-activity data—in near-real-time. Live Reports uses configurable dashboards to display data in a clear, graphical format.
Location of the Live Reports tab in the Analytics left navigation bar.
You can use Live Reports to:
  • Access more than 30 metrics about queue calls and queue member activities, including:
    • Service Level identification and management.
    • Queue-level visibility (call volume, customers waiting,  After Hours Time)
    • Agent-level visibility (status, talk time, hold time, transfer rate, call count)
  • See real-time reporting on queues, with aggregated data available for up to 24 hours.
  • Create, configure, and manage multiple dashboards by:
    • Adding the widgets you need, then dragging and dropping them as you like.
    • Wallboard view to expand your display onto a big screen
    • Adjusting custom privacy settings to make your dashboards visible and editable by to anyone you choose.
    • Supports RingCentral permissions to allow full access, read-only access, or no access
  • Access Live Reports via your RingCentral Online account, RingCentral Phone for Mobile, or via dedicated Live Reports websites
  • Export report data to a spreadsheet.


  • Live Reports requires additional licensing. A separate license is required for each user. For example, each manager that has Live Reports viewer access must have a license, and each agent who requires monitoring also needs a license.
  • Licensees must be enabled in Roles and Permissions. From the Admin Portal, navigate to Users > Roles. Select a role and scroll down to Analytics. Check the box next to Live Reports - Full Access or Live Reports - View Only, then click Save.
    • Full Access lets you make changes to Live Reports: add dashboards, set privacy, add or remove dashboard widgets, and make changes to widget settings.
    • View Only allows a user to view existing dashboards if those dashboards are marked Public by their originator. Along with these, an additional setting called ‘User Info’ must also be enabled.
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