Adoption & Usage: Intro to the Video dashboard
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Last updated on September 01, 2021
The Video dashboard helps you see usage patterns for RingCentral Video. On this page, you can also further explore usage behaviors at the department or site level to understand how different organizational units are using the product.
Video dashboard overview.

Video dashboard components

The Video dashboard is identified in the top left corner. Along the top navigation bar are the tabs available for Adoption and Usage reporting.
Video dashboard tab location.


The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) section of the dashboard provides key statistics about the usage of RingCentral Message. These include the number of teams your organization has, the total number of posts, and the total number of messages in team conversations, direct 1:1 chats, or group chats.
To learn more, see KPIs on the Video dashboard.
Key performance indicators.


Interactive widgets let you view Adoption and Usage data for RingCentral Video. Hover over any segment for more detailed information.
  • Active Users: Number of users who are actively using RingCentral Video across your company.
  • Usage Frequency: Groups all unique active users into five frequency buckets. Can be filtered by department.
  • Active User Trend: The number of active users that engage with the product over specified periods.
  • Features Usage: Lists the percentage of users who use certain features in RingCentral Video.
  • Top Endpoints & Versions: Lists the endpoints and versions used by users of RingCentral Video.
  • User Table: Lists the users with the permission to use RingCentral Video.
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