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Last updated on September 01, 2021
The Rooms health trend widget shows the number of rooms in different health conditions for the period of time selected in the filter date range.
Health Trend widget
Hovering over any point in the lines on the graph shows more detail for that point in time.
Detail of the Health Trend widget.
  • Green indicates the number of rooms in good health. Meetings can be held. Host, controller, and preferred peripherals are online.
  • Yellow indicates the number of rooms with a warning condition. Meetings can be held, but the calendar is not connected or one or more preferred peripherals are offline. 
  • Red indicates the number of rooms with a critical condition. Meetings cannot be held. Host and or controller are offline or logged out. Some peripherals might also be offline.
This information can help IT admins evaluate whether corrective measures have been effective in reducing or eliminating issues with rooms. For example, whether regularly rebooting the host and controller is increasing the availability of healthy rooms.
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