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Last updated on September 27, 2022
What is the RingCentral Meetings app?
The RingCentral Meetings app is the legacy standalone application for RingCentral Meetings on desktop and mobile devices. This application uses video conferencing services powered by RingCentral Meetings.
What is the RingCentral Phone mobile app?
The RingCentral Phone mobile app is the legacy standalone application for RingCentral PBX functionality on mobile devices. This application lets you use SMS, voicemail, call routing, and other phone functions.
Why is RingCentral delisting the Meetings App and Meetings Plugin?
RingCentral delivers a comprehensive Message, Video, and Phone experience through the unified RingCentral app for desktop, web, and mobile. In some instances, these apps support RingCentral Meetings as the video meeting provider.
The RingCentral Scheduler offers a unified add-in for scheduling RingCentral Video or RingCentral Meetings video conferences from within the Outlook calendar.
To take full advantage of RingCentral’s unified communications experience, you must transition to the newest version of the RingCentral app. Only the RingCentral app will receive the latest feature and security updates.
To experience seamless video meeting integration via Microsoft Outlook, download and install the RingCentral Scheduler.
RingCentral Video, our flagship service for video conferencing, enjoys several advantages over RingCentral Meetings: browser-based operation, Team Huddle, and enhanced security features
What is the RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook on Windows?
The RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook on Windows is a plugin that allows you to schedule RingCentral Meetings video conferences within Outlook.
How do I know if I will be impacted by this transition?
You’ll be impacted by this transition if you use one or more of the following RingCentral products or services:
  • RingCentral Meetings video service
  • RingCentral Classic app
  • RingCentral Meetings desktop and mobile app
  • RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook
  • RingCentral Phone mobile app
Why is my account being upgraded?
RingCentral Video is an even better video meeting experience that lets your users:
  • Join meetings with ease: Join instantly from a browser — no download required for guests.
  • Meet on the move: Seamlessly switch a live meeting back and forth between mobile and desktop.
  • Multitask more easily: Go from a phone call to a video meeting to screen sharing with a click.
  • Be more inclusive: Add closed captions for any or all users.
What has RingCentral previously communicated to customers regarding these delistings?
In July 2019, RingCentral announced the sunsetting of the RingCentral Phone mobile app. In June 2021, RingCentral began informing customers about the transition from RingCentral Meetings to the RingCentral app. 
Throughout 2021, RingCentral emailed administrators on a batch-by-batch basis about this transition and sent in-app notifications to all users. Since then, RingCentral accounts and their users have been migrated in batches, and can no longer use RingCentral Meetings standalone apps.
The last batch migrated from the RingCentral Phone mobile app on November 15, 2021.
Why is RingCentral delisting the RingCentral Phone mobile app?
The RingCentral app delivers a comprehensive Message, Video, and Phone experience for desktop and mobile devices. To take full advantage of RingCentral’s unified communications experience, we encourage you to use this application, as it will include the latest feature and security updates.
When will the delisting occur?
RingCentral delisted and discontinued support for the RingCentral Phone mobile app, RingCentral Meetings desktop and mobile apps, and RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Outlook on December 10, 2021.
Where will the delisting occur?
The delisted RingCentral apps will be removed from the following:
Who is affected by the delisting?
You’ll be impacted by the delisting if:
  • You’re not already blocked from using the RingCentral Phone mobile app.
  • You had access to RingCentral Meetings.
  • You’re already excluded from sunset and will still be able to use the apps. RingCentral will no longer release updates or security patches to the affected applications.
  • You’re a new user. You won’t be able to find the app in the store or on websites.
During the delisting, you’ll still be able to:
  • Continue to use the RingCentral Meetings video service through the RingCentral app.
  • Manage your RingCentral Meetings calendar through RingCentral Scheduler.
  • Access RingCentral Meetings for Linux until it’s delisted in 2022.
  • Continue with your existing billing cycle. There will be no changes to pricing or billing.
However, you won’t be able to:
  • Find the RingCentral Meetings app or the RingCentral Meetings Outlook Plug-in in app stores, support downloads site, or RingCentral App Gallery.
  • Submit support requests. You’ll be redirected to download and use the RingCentral App, the RingCentral Mobile App, or RingCentral Scheduler.
How does this impact federated accounts?
Account federation is the linking of distinct companies within an account so that users across different companies appear as users in the same company directory.
If you’re only using the Phone functionality and haven’t previously logged in to the RingCentral app, users across different companies will appear in a single company directory. However, if one or more companies had Messaging enabled on the RingCentral app, users across different companies in the federation will appear as guests.
What will happen to the meetings that I’ve already scheduled?
You’ll need to update any recurring meetings with new RingCentral Video phone numbers and meeting IDs. You can do this in bulk for your users, or you can manually alter any meetings with the RingCentral calendar migration tool.
Once I transition to RingCentral Video, will I still be able to use RingCentral Meetings for meetings?
No. Once the transition is complete, you’ll need to use RingCentral Video for all of your video meeting needs. You’ll no longer be able to access RingCentral Meetings analytics or recordings, so please retain copies for your records before your account is upgraded.
What will happen when I log into the standalone RingCentral apps or the plugin?
The login will fail, and you’ll receive a prompt to log in to the RingCentral app.
What if I use the Phone + Messaging federation, and want all users across federated companies to appear as co-workers, not as guests?
Messaging federation requires identifying a primary company that will own all messaging data (teams, chat history, tasks, events, etc.) across companies. Other companies will be cleared of their Messaging history and teams during this process. After the transition to federation with Messaging, they’ll be able to use Messaging and retain their Messaging history.
You must upgrade to the latest version of the RingCentral app for desktop and web, and the latest version of the RingCentral app for mobile. You’ll be logged out during configuration changes. There’s a limit of 10,000 users across all companies in the federation.
Contact RingCentral Support to discuss handling and coordinating dates for your configuration changes.
Can users have both the RingCentral Meetings apps and RingCentral apps installed simultaneously?
No. If your users don’t uninstall the RingCentral Meetings app and replace it with the RingCentral app, they’ll be unable to join or host a meeting from a calendar invitation link.
Will my account settings remain the same?
No. When you transition to RingCentral Video, your account settings will be converted to RingCentral Video-specific settings. Learn how to adjust RingCentral Video settings for your account.
Does the transition change the cost of my existing plan?
No. Video meetings are included in the cost of your current package, and all new features are included at no additional cost.
How can I request access to RingCentral Meetings?
Where can I find more information on this delisting?
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