Participating in Q&A as a panelist in the
RingCentral mobile app

Last updated on March 15, 2022
Once the host turns on the Q&A, attendees and panelists can submit questions. Both can tap the like button to vote for the question. 
As a panelist, you can submit a question by tapping the Q&A button from the top toolbar. Type in your question, then tap Send

Viewing the Q&A

View of panelist Q&A screen in the RingCentral mobile app
  •  All: Shows all answered and unanswered questions.
  • Open: Shows all unanswered questions.
  • Need follow-up: Shows all questions marked as waiting for follow-up.
  • Sort: Tap to sort questions sent from 
    • Oldest: The oldest question is at the top.
    • Newest: The newest question is at the top.
    • Most votes: Question with the most votes is at the top.
  • Body: Here, you can tap the thumbs up button to upvote the question. As a panelist, you can tap the Answer button to answer the question or tap the More button to mark the question as 
    • Duplicate question: Select if the question is a duplicate or similar to another question.
    • Answered live: Select if the question was acknowledged live and answered verbally.
    • Waiting for follow-up: Select to park the question to answer later.
    • Dismiss: Select to dismiss the question. Dismissed questions will disappear for other attendees except for the one who asked the question. 
  • Ask a question: Enter your question in this box.
  • Ask anonymously: If allowed by the host, toggle to show your name as “anonymous” when you ask questions. 
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