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Linking RingCentral MVP to Engage Voice

Existing users are customers whose Engage Voice accounts were created before April 2020. This means their accounts were not originally linked to RingCentral MVP, as opposed to new users whose RingCentral MVP accounts are created together with their Engage Voice accounts. 
To provide our customers with the best-in-class support, RingCentral will link all existing Engage Voice accounts to RingCentral MVP. Your RingCentral MVP account will be created automatically at no additional cost, and your main Account Contact should receive an activation email for RingCentral MVP with information about how to log in. (UPDATE: This email was sent to all remaining unlinked customers in mid-December of 2020)

Linking your Engage Voice account to RingCentral MVP will ensure you’ll enjoy all the benefits mentioned in Intro to RingCentral MVP for Engage Voice customers.

Linking RingCentral MVP to Engage Voice

These are the steps required to complete the process of linking your Engage Voice account to RingCentral MVP.
1. Activate your RingCentral MVP account. You can do this by clicking on the RingCentral MVP activation link that was sent to your email, or by logging in with the provided account owner credentials. 
2. Log in to RingCentral MVP. For instructions, visit Log in to your RingCentral Account.
3. Create virtual extensions in RingCentral MVP to be assigned to your existing agents. For instructions, visit Add a User Extension Without an Assigned Phone.
4. Link existing agents to the new virtual extensions in RingCentral MVP. For instructions, read about Syncing users from RingCentral MVP.
5. Optionally, you can configure the RingCentral Single Sign-On service to allow your agents to access the RingCentral MVP or Engage Voice platform using one set of credentials. For instructions, visit Configuring authenticated login via Okta.
6. Have your agents log in to the Engage Voice platform using Single-Sign On with RingCentral. For instructions, visit Logging in to the platform.
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