Scheduling a webinar

Last updated on September 29, 2022

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Users with RingCentral Webinar licenses can schedule, host, and run webinars. Learn more about the different roles in a webinar.

Scheduling a webinar without registration

  1. Click Webinar in the left navigation bar.
  2. Go to the Upcoming page and click Create webinar.
    1. If you don’t have any upcoming webinars, click Create Webinar on the Upcoming page. 
    2. If you have upcoming webinars, click the Create Webinar button at the upper right.
Create a webinar
Click Create webinar at the upper right
  1. Enter the name of your webinar.
  2. Set the date, time, and maximum duration of the webinar. By default, the webinar date and time are set for the next Thursday at 11:00 AM in your time zone. 
  3. Select a time zone.
  4. You can set up a webinar prep session if you want to meet with your cohosts and panelists before the webinar. To add a webinar prep session, choose its duration from the dropdown. 
  5. Click Create.
Click Create

Webinar cards

Once you’ve scheduled a webinar, you'll be redirected to the webinar details page. Here, you can edit the webinar’s date and time; invite cohosts, panelists, and attendees; and configure security and other settings.
For more info about cohosts, panelists, and attendees, read Understanding RingCentral Webinar roles.
Webinar cards

Webinar info card

On this card, you can edit your webinar's date, time, and duration. You can also change time zone and prep session options. To learn more, read Configuring webinar scheduling settings.

Hosts & panelists card

On this card, you can invite cohosts and panelists. You have the option to import your panelists from an existing list. For more info, read Inviting cohosts and panelists.

Attendees card

On this card, you can invite attendees using Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. To learn more, read Inviting attendees.
Hover over the icons at the top right of the Attendees card to copy the attendee join link and preview the invitation. Click Download invitation to download the invitation as an ICS file that you can import into Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Webinar settings card

On this card, you can manage your webinar’s security, room, and interaction settings.

Recording card

On this card, you can enable or disable automatic recording of the webinar. Learn more about recording your webinar.

Q&A card

On this card, you can enable or disable the Q&A feature for your webinar. Learn more about RingCentral Webinar’s Q&A feature.

Polls card

On this card, you can create and manage polls that you’ll use in the webinar. Read Setting up pre-configured webinar polls to learn more about creating pre-configured polls.
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