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User guide for upgrading your RingCentral experience

We are retiring:
  • The RingCentral Classic app
  • The standalone RingCentral Meetings app
  • The RingCentral Phone app 
We’re transitioning you to the latest RingCentral app to ensure you don’t lose access to your favorite RingCentral features.
We are also updating your RingCentral meeting services at no additional cost by moving users to RingCentral Video from the older capabilities of RingCentral Meetings, including upgrading users to:
  • RingCentral Video Rooms from RingCentral Meetings Rooms
To successfully plan for the transition to the RingCentral app and use RingCentral Video, users must complete the required steps listed below.

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User guide for upgrading your RingCentral experience
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