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Engage Voice | Intro to Quota Management

Quota Management is a Dialing feature that can be used to apply custom rules for dialing leads based on specific data fields in an uploaded lead list file. Admins can use these rules to create thresholds — that is, indicators that tell the system that a maximum has been reached and it can stop dialing leads based on the rules in question.
The system then uses agent disposition results to track the indicated lead list data fields (according to the rules you established) during outbound dialing. Whenever a threshold is reached, the system will stop dialing any leads that fall into the rule-based categories that you created.
Quotas can be configured by navigating to Dialing > Advanced settings > Quota management via the left-hand navigation bar. To learn more about creating quotas, visit Configuring outbound quotas. For now, let’s review how you can use outbound quotas. 

Using quota management

The quota management feature can be useful for businesses involved in political activities, for example, or companies who need demographic-based data that can be aggregated via highly specific phone surveys.
Let’s say you want to contact 50 females over the age of 35, and once you’ve contacted those 50, you don’t want to contact any more females over the age of 35 — at all, ever again, for this campaign.
To achieve this, you’ll first need to have a lead list ready to upload with two separate columns, one for each lead’s gender and the other for their age. Later, when we upload the list, we’ll map the lead gender column to the Aux Data 1 field and the lead age column to the Aux Data 2 field.
However, before you can upload a lead list, you must first configure your quota management dialing rules in order for this feature to work properly. To do so, you can navigate to Dialing > Advanced settings > Quota management via the left nav bar. 
First, you’ll need to create a quota group to organize your preferences. Then, within any given quota group, you can create one or more targets — that is, the sets of rules that will identify the types of leads you wish to contact. You can also use comparator statements to set those quota management rules. 
First, you must decide on a target count, which acts as your threshold. The target count represents the maximum number of leads you want the system to dial that match your criteria. In this example, your target count would be 50 because you don’t want the system to dial any more women over the age of 35 once it has reached out to 50 women who fit that criteria.
Then you give the system information about your criteria. The first criterion in this case would be ‘females,’ and the second would be ‘over 35 years of age.’ 
To properly execute this concept using the quota management tool’s comparator statements, you might configure your settings to look something like the following:
Using the quota management tool’s comparator statements
Once you’ve saved your preferences, you can head over to any campaign’s dialer settings and assign a quota management group to that campaign. Please note that while you can assign the same quota management group to multiple campaigns, you can only assign one group at a time to any given campaign. However, you can create multiple targets within that group if you like, and they will all apply to the assigned campaign.
Only after you’ve assigned your quota group to a campaign of your choice should you upload and map your lead list. 
Please note: This feature will not work if you upload your lead list before configuring your targets or assigning your quota group to a campaign.

Understanding quota adjustment

At any time, you can enter your quota management settings and change your thresholds and/or criteria, and the system will alter its dialing behavior accordingly. So let’s say the system has dialed on the criteria we just discussed, and it has reached the target count of 50 women over the age of 35. The system will now stop dialing any leads left matching that criteria.
If, however, you decide to alter your threshold, and increase it to 100 instead of 50, the system will take into account the leads it previously dialed, and it will dial 50 more women over the age of 35 before stopping — bringing the total number of leads dialed to 100. 
Finally, if you’d like to start your count over and dial the leads contacted previously, you can do so by resetting the count back to zero.
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