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Engage Voice | Setting cloud destination business hours

When you create a cloud destination, you will also need to create business hours that lets the system know the time frames during which the destination should be open — that is, when agents will receive calls. You can configure your destination’s business hours via the Business Hours option in the destination’s configuration panel.
Business hours are arranged in the system by day (Sunday through Saturday) and according to time periods within that day. Each ‘open period’ represents a chunk of time in a day during which the destination will be open. Any time period that falls outside of the open period will automatically be treated as a closed period, and agents will not receive calls during those closed time periods.
You can designate an entire day of the week as a closed day, and you can also break a day up into multiple open and closed periods — as many as you like.
The changes you make to your business hours will repeat every week.

Configuring destination business hours

Setting up business hours is a pretty straightforward process. Take the steps below to set business hours for your destination.
1. Navigate to IVR > Cloud routing > Cloud destinations via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Expand your destination you’d like to configure your schedule in
3. Navigate to the Business Hours option in your destination’s configuration panel
4. Click the Edit pencil and paper icon located at far right in the Daily Business Hours table to open the Edit Business Hours modal window
5. Find the day of the week you wish to edit 
6. Check the Closed checkbox if you wish to close the schedule for that entire day
7. Choose the beginning of the open time period via the Start Period field
8. Choose the end of the open time period via the End Period field
9. To add another open period to a day, click the Add new period plus icon (located beneath the start and end period settings)
10. Repeat steps 5-9 as needed for the remaining days of the scheduled week
11. Click Ok to save your changes and exit the modal window
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