Engage Voice | Outbound dialing for agents overview

As discussed in Outbound dialing for agents overview, predictive dialing is when an auto dialer does the dialing for you. It automatically dials leads based on the settings configured in a predictive dial group. 
In addition to dialing faster and eliminating dialing mistakes due to human error, the predictive dialer lets the system balance the amount of calls an agent gets. It follows an intelligent predictive algorithm that learns and adjusts itself according to the patterns it detects. 
These predictions can then help the system decide a course of action, such as how many numbers it can simultaneously dial based on how many agents are available at any given time. 
As calls and agents fluctuate throughout calling hours, the predictive dialer will also adjust its algorithm continuously to match these changes.

Making an outbound call with the predictive dialer

The predictive dialer automatically connects you to a call once you have done two things: set your agent state to available and connected to an offhook session. Unlike the other outbound dialing modes, once you’ve met these two conditions, the system will begin automatically dialing leads for you. 
Once a call connects, the white space to the right of your dialpad will fill with the call details and script you can navigate between at any time to help assist with a live call.
View of a predictive call from being offhook
There are three ways to end the call. First is the hangup button at the bottom of the dialpad, and then the script assigned may have a hangup button configured to it. Lastly, you can hang up via disposition. Note that not all scripts contain a hangup button. 
Once the call has been hung up and the disposition submitted, the next call will come in right away. Your admin can notify you of this by configuring a sound notification. 

Making an outbound call with the predictive dialer for leads with multiple numbers

If a lead has multiple numbers, dialing will behave the same way it does if a lead has only one phone number. The system will keep on trying to dial all numbers associated with the lead until one of the numbers connects, or all numbers are exhausted — in which case it will move on to the next lead.
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