Engage Voice | Outbound dialing for agents overview

Outbound dialing refers to any outgoing calls, or calls that leave the system. If you’re assigned the right permissions, you can make outbound calls by either manually dialing numbers or by having your calls dialed by the system—automatically or by clicking on your lead’s number. 
To make outbound calls, you must first have outbound calling permissions as well as access to logging in to a dial group, all of which must be configured by an admin. You can be assigned to multiple dial groups, but you can only log in to one dial group at a time. Dial groups contain the dial mode or the method of dialing. Later we will look at a few examples of predictive, preview, and progressive dialing mode. 
If you’ve been assigned to multiple dial groups to choose from, you can select which dial group you’d like to dial upon logging in to the agent interface. Upon logging in with your username and password on the first login page, you’ll be taken to the second page where you will choose your dial group via the Outdial groups setting.
Given the right permissions, you may have boxes for Establish persistent voice connection, Auto-answer calls, or both. Check the box if it applies to you or if you must make calls right away, which depends on the dial group you are assigned to.
View of outbound dial groups on login page
When you get to the main agent interface, you will land on the My calls page. Depending on the type of dial group you’re assigned, you’ll either automatically be connected to a call or you’ll have to navigate to the Outbound dialer in the left-hand navigation bar to fetch and dial leads. 
Typically, outbound calls are accompanied by a script, which serves as a visual prompt for agents to use when interacting with leads and customers. During outbound calls, you may also take notes, transfer calls, and disposition calls to mark the outcome of a call. 


Leads are typically classified as contacts who have expressed some kind of interest in your company. For our purposes, we refer to your outbound contacts in general — whether they’re end-users or existing or prospective customers — as leads.
Leads are arranged into lead lists and uploaded into campaigns for agents to dial on. Depending on the dial group you're logged in to, you may have the option to view a lead and their info before dialing that lead either via the Outbound dialer menu option or by searching them via the Lead search menu. The amount of leads that are displayed on the list will also depend on the setting provided by your admin.
When viewing a lead’s information, you might see important info such as their name and phone number. In addition to that, you will also see their entire call history and any notes that have been given to their previous interactions. Finally, if given proper permissions, agents can also make changes to a lead’s info, including their name, phone number, street address, email, and more.

Outbound dialing modes

As mentioned above, the way you’ll be calling leads is determined by the dial mode assigned to your dial group by an admin. Depending on how the dial group is named and described by an admin, you won’t be able to determine the dial mode until you log in and take calls. 
Below are the four different types of dialing modes you will encounter that will be associated with a dial group. 

Predictive dialing

The predictive dialer (also known as an auto dialer) does the dialing for you, meaning once you set yourself as available to take calls, you will be automatically connected to a lead added to a lead list and a campaign you’re logged in to. With predictive dialing, you won’t be given time to review lead information before a call connects. However, you will have access to that lead’s information via the Call details tab once you’re in a live call. 

Preview dialing

Unlike predictive dialing, the preview dialer allows you to study lead information before placing calls. Navigate to Outbound dialer on the left nav bar and click on Fetch leads to generate a lead list. Once you’re ready, simply click the green phone button or the phone number to call a lead.

Progressive dialing

A combination of preview and predictive dialing, the progressive dialer lets you view customer information for a predetermined amount of time before a call is dialed. This time is determined by the administrator who configures the dial group, and once that time is up, the system then dials the lead for you.
View of outbound dial groups on login page

Manual dialing

No matter which dial group you’re assigned to, as long as you’re given the proper permissions, you will also have the ability to make manual calls at any time. Manual calls are performed via the dialpad and, if configured by your administrators, you can choose to link an existing inbound queue’s tools and settings, or you can make simple ad hoc calls without tying those calls into your existing tools and services.
View of the dialpad and manual dial settings
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