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Engage Voice | Managing agent states

Agent states are status notifiers that allow users to see what an agent is doing. Agent states can be useful for your supervisors and administrators to monitor an agent’s productivity. Your agent states are fully customizable by your administrator. An agent might be able to modify their agent state manually or not, depending on their access. 
Located on the upper right-hand corner of your screen, you will see your agent state beside your initials. Once you click on the agent state, the status notifiers window will drop down underneath. From here, you can select your agent state. It’s important for an agent to correctly choose which agent state to use because it will affect their ability to take or make calls.  

Please note that the agent states you’ll find may differ depending on how your administrators have configured them. For more info on how admins configure agent states, visit Configuring agent states on an account.

Types of agent states

There are two different types of agent states: system-triggered and agent-triggered. Agent-triggered states allow agents to manage their shift and indicate what they’re doing while logged in. This will depend on if your administrator configured it this way.  
Please note that changing your agent state may affect your offhook session. Let’s say, for example, you need to take a break and have set your agent state from Available (green) to On Break (grey), your offhook session is automatically set to Disconnected.
System-triggered agent states, on the other hand, indicate agent activity when agents are unable to make changes to their agent state. For example, your administrator can configure your agent state to automatically be set to Working (orange) once a call comes in. Once you’ve ended or dispositioned that call, your agent state can be automatically set to Available (green).
Now let’s discuss how to change your agent state.

Changing your agent state

Typically, your agent state is set to Available once you’re logged in. If you need to modify your agent state, follow these steps:
1. Log in to the agent interface
2. Click on the agent states dropdown in the top right-hand corner to see a list of agent states
3. Click your preferred agent state
Once you’ve selected your agent state, that state will now appear as your current agent state. You may see a timer next to your agent state which indicates how long you’ve been in that state.
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