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Scheduling a meeting in RingCentral Rooms

Last updated on December 01, 2021

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Once RingCentral Rooms is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 or Google Calendar, you can schedule RingCentral Rooms meetings with your calendar.

Scheduling a meeting with Outlook

  1. Open up your Outlook calendar. 
  2. Choose the date of the meeting you want to schedule.
  3. Click New Event at the top left.
Scheduling date of meeting
  1. Add a title and invite attendees by entering their names or emails. 
  2. Select a time and date for the meeting. 
  3. Search for the room of the meeting you want to schedule in the location field.
Search for room
  1. Choose the room you want for the meeting.
Choose the room
  1. Click Send in the top left to schedule the meeting.

Schedule the meeting with Google Calendar

  1. Open your Google calendar. 
  2. Click Create in the upper left corner of the web page.
Google calendar date for meeting
  1. Enter the title of your meeting and the timeframe of the meeting.
  2. Select More options.
More options for google meeting
  1. On the Add guests field under Guests, enter the names or email addresses of the participants you’d like to invite and select their names from the list.
  2. Under the Rooms tab, search for the room you want and select it.
In meeting settings
  1. Click Save at the top right to schedule the meeting.
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