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Using RingCentral Video host controls on mobile 
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Last updated on October 18, 2021
The host is the person who has scheduled the meeting and has control over all functions and features of the meeting. Another person can schedule a meeting on your behalf if you’ve set them as a delegate, and you will still be the host of that meeting. 
As the meeting host, you can:
Hosts can access the following in-meeting controls:
  • Participants: Tap Participants via the bottom menu bar to manage meeting attendees, and then tap the three-dot More icon at the topmost right to access host controls. Tap the three-dot More icon on the right of the attendee name to manage individual attendees.
Show participants
View more options
View participant options
  • Chat: Hosts can send a private chat with anyone in the main meeting or a breakout room. Hosts can send a broadcast message to all rooms so that everyone in the meeting can see it.
  • Start transcription: Tap to start a live transcription of the meeting.
Start transcription
  • End: Tap Leave the meeting or End meeting for everyone. Tap Cancel to continue meeting. 
End the call
Note: When breakout rooms are created, hosts have the following controls:
  • Main meeting: Leave meeting, End meeting for everyone or Cancel.
  • Breakout room: Leave meeting, Return to main meeting, or Cancel.
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