Am I using User Hub or Central?

Last updated on March 16, 2022
User Hub and Central are two different versions of the Contact Center interface with slight differences in functionality. User Hub is the newer version that was introduced in 2019. New Business Units (BUs) are now only created for User Hub. 
Even if a BU was originally Central, it may have already been converted to User Hub. If you are currently using Central but would like to convert to User Hub, talk to your account manager. Learn more  
One way to identify which system you’re using is the URL. If ‘nice’ is part of the URL, it's User Hub. If not, it's Central.
Another way to identify your system is to sign in to RingCentral Contact Center and open the app selector. If you see Dashboard listed under Data & Analytics, it’s User Hub. If not, it’s Central.

User Hub

User hub selector


Central app selector
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