Engage Digital | RingCentral SMS/MMS channel connection settings

Last updated on October 26, 2021
A RingCentral SMS/MMS channel imports SMS and MMS from your company’s RingCentral phone number. Both P2P and A2P SMS phone numbers are supported by the platform. Contact your CSM for information about enabling A2P SMS support for your account.
  • Refresh token: An authentication key that lets the platform automatically request for a new access token when the original one expires. Paste the refresh token shown in the RingCentral Admin Portal into this field.
  • Attachments security level: Lets you specify what kind of attachments can be uploaded to and downloaded from the RingCentral SMS/MMS account. There are three levels:
    • Strict: Allows audio, video, image, text and PDF files to be attached. (default)
    • Relaxed: Allows all the file types that are allowed in Strict, plus Microsoft Office and iWork document files to be attached.
    • Permissive: Allows any type of file to be attached.
  • Get your refresh token: Click the Continue with RingCentral button to open a window to the RingCentral Admin Portal login page. Log in with your company’s RingCentral admin credentials. A page will appear that contains the refresh token.
To set up your general settings, click here.
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