Managing messages from a mobile device

Last updated on November 10, 2022

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Agents can access their Inboxes from mobile devices. Supported mobile devices have a maximum screen resolution of 360 x 767 pixels and may operate only in portrait orientation. Supported browsers are the latest versions of Chrome and Safari on iOS, or the latest version of Chrome on Android. 
Using Inbox navigation and message actions on mobile devices is similar to using the standard browser interface. Some features differ, however. 
The following features aren’t supported on mobile:
  • Switching a message to a video call
  • Viewing an email preview
  • Printing a thread
Filtering messages in a message thread based on the agent or identity for a message.

Finding messages in the chat view

To access the chat view, select a message in the thread.
To take action on a message in the chat view, tap on the message bubble.
Finding messages in the chat view
To compose a reply, select the Engage icon. Enter your reply and click the Send button.
Composing and sending a message

Finding the identity panel

To find the identity panel, tap the message bubble, then tap Identity.
Finding the identity panel

Finding the list of folders

To find the list of folders, tap the menu icon in the top left corner. You’ll see a list of folders along with the number of messages in each folder.
Accessing the list of folders through the icon in the top left menu
The list of available folders and number of messages in each folder

Searching message text on mobile

The search function on mobile is text-only. There is no search assistant, which means search results returned will only show conversations containing the text or phrase you entered in the search bar. 
To search, enter a text phrase in the search bar, then tap Search.
Entering a text-only search
You can also search message threads by category.
Searching message threads by category
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