Engage Digital | Transferring an interaction

Last updated on January 23, 2022
An agent can transfer an interaction to another team or agent more capable of solving the interaction. As soon as you accept an awaiting interaction, you have the option to immediately transfer the interaction, so it gets routed to the right agent in a timely manner. 
  1. Navigate to Routing mode via the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Under the Ongoing folder, select a message.
  3. Hover over the message and click the Transfer rightward arrow icon.
  4. Configure the settings as desired (see below for more info).
  5. Click Transfer.
The settings you encounter when transferring an interaction defined below:
  • Agents: Transfer directly to another agent.
  • Teams: Transfer to another team or the next available agent.
  • Categories: Transfer to any agent with the matching categories associated in his or her profile.
  • Language: Transfer to any agent with the necessary language in their profile.
  • Comment: Leave any agent notes.
  • Bypass queue and force assignment to agent: Put an interaction on high priority before transferring to another agent. This is only accessible if you have supervisor access or permission to monitor interactions.
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