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Last updated on March 03, 2022

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Your teams may manage customer communications using several different email channels. Agents on those teams may need to forward emails between the channels and to be able to answer the original author on the forwarded email. RingCentral Engage Digital provides a feature to enable replying to the original author in a forwarded email. 
When you have not enabled this feature, and you forward a message from one channel to another, the forwarded message will be considered an agent message and therefore the agent from the channel won't be able to answer the email. By enabling the feature, the forwarded message will be considered as a new message, providing all actions needed to communicate with the end-user.

Email forwarding

Once an agent forwards an email from one channel to the email address linked to another channel:
  1. The original message is still marked as new.
  2. The forwarded message is shown in the original thread with From = the identity of the original channel, Recipient = another channel, and status = Agent Message.
  3. The forwarded message is also shown in the new thread, associated with another channel, with From = the identity of the original channel, and Recipient = email address of the second channel.
Replying to original author

Engaging with the messages

You can engage with both messages: the one in the original thread and the one in the second channel.

Messages replies

When an agent replies back from the second channel, the recipient will be the original author.
The conversation generated based on the forwarded email will be linked to the identity of the original channel. This means that once the customer replies, a new conversation will be created. Both conversations will belong to the same thread.


This feature is available for email channels only.
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