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Creating a new insight and a calculated measure

Ana decided that she also wants her custom dashboard to immediately show the discrepancies between the highest and the lowest interaction close rates. Ana hopes to see if all of her agents need further guidance on closing interactions, or if she needs to focus only on particular members. Ana decides to create a column chart of interaction close rates as an insight in Analytical Designer, then add that chart to her dashboard.


Create an insight that easily shows the gap between the highest and the lowest interaction close rates.


1. Create an insight in the form of a column chart that shows the interaction close rates of the top five and bottom five agents.
2. Create a custom measure, also known as a calculated measure, that shows the difference between the highest and lowest interaction close rates.
3. Add the insight to her customized Routing mode dashboard.


1. Creating an insight.
2. Creating a custom measure.
3. Customizing an insight.
4. Adding an insight to a dashboard.

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To access agent data and create an insight, Ana’s role in the platform must have the View all stats, Access to Advanced Analytics, and Manage Advanced Analytics permissions enabled. See Managing roles and permissions for more information.


Step 1: Creating a column chart insight

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Analytical Designer.
2. Click on the Column chart icon.
3. Click measures in the data catalog.
4. Drag Bottom 5 Agents by Interactions Close Rate into the Measures section of the insight.
5. Drag Top 5 Agents by Interaction Close Rate into the Measures section of the insight.
6. Click attributes in the data catalog.
7. Drag the Date attribute into the View by section of the insight.
8. Select Month under group by.
9. Drag the Date attribute into the filters section at the top of the chart.
10. Select Last month under Period then click Apply.

Step 2: Creating a calculated measure

1. Hover over the plus icon at the bottom of the Measures section then click Create Calculated Measure.
2. Select Difference under Outcome Is.
3. Select Top 5 Agents by Interaction Close Rate as the first measure.
4. Select Bottom 5 Agents by Interaction Close Rate as the second measure.

Step 3: Customizing the insight

1. Click Untitled Insight then enter a new title.
2. Hover over the name of each measure then enter shorter names.
3. Click Configuration.
4. Click Colors then click on the color of each measure to select a new color.
5. Click Legend then select Left under Position.
6. Click Save on the upper right corner.

Step 4: Adding the insight to the custom dashboard

1. Navigate to Analytics > Dashboards.
2. Click on Ana’s custom dashboard.
3. Click on Edit on the upper right corner.
4. Drag the created insight from the left column into the space above the existing sections of the dashboard to create a new section.
5. Enter a name and description for the new section.
6. Click Save & Publish.
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