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Office Admin Release Notes | February 2019

Call handling
Release Date: February 2019
What's New
  • Enterprise Dial Plan
    • Max Extension Length (8 digit) – customers requiring a larger dial plan will be able to increase extension lengths from 6 to 8 digits. Multi-site customers can also configure longer site codes and short extensions.
    • Outbound Call Prefix – an optional setting allowing users to dial a single digit to distinguish between dialing internal vs external numbers.
    • Site Codes Template – A new template will be available for site code setup which will allow dial plan changes to be completed offline and implemented quickly after upload.
admin portal/my extension
Release Date: February 2019
What's New
  • Trust Site
    • An updated status page increases transparency by allowing customers to view service status across the RingCentral platform without logging in. Visitors will be able to view what services are impacted by feature and region.
  • Links to Analytics Portal
    • Users will now be able to access the Analytics Portal directly from the RingCentral desktop and mobile apps.
  • Accessibility support
    • Additional accessibility support includes screen reader voice readout and keyboard navigation across both the Admin Portal and RingCentral Phone app. Available for all RingCentral users, including Office, Professional, and Fax.
  • Audit Trail enhancements
    • Audit Trail now tracks changes made to call queue settings in addition to allowing admins to troubleshoot issues and capture other changes made by users that affect their systems.
  • New job title field in User Details
    • The new field will be available in the User Details section of web administration. End users will have the ability to edit their job title and admins can sync users’ job titles from Active Directory to RingCentral.
  • Custom fields
    • New custom fields allow company administrators to create fields in User Details which can be used to store company-specific data, unique identifiers, etc.
  • Bulk device update
    • This update provides the ability to configure the settings of multiple IP devices in a single file upload.
  • Welcome email options
    • Admins now have more options when sending onboarding emails, including:
phones and devices
Release Date: February 2019
What's New
  • Display called party name
    • Hard phones will display the name assigned to the dialed extension, allowing users to see if they dialed the right person/extension.
  • Caller ID for Shared Lines and Presence
    • Hard phones will show Caller ID name when a call on hold is picked up via Presence or Shared Line Group.
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