Adoption & Usage: Total Enabled Users widget
on the Overview dashboard | RingEX

Last updated on September 01, 2021
To understand the usage behaviors of RingCentral products in your organization, you need to know the total number of users who have access to these products. The Total Enabled Users widget at the top of the page helps you understand this data.
Total enabled users widget.
The Total Enabled Users trend graph helps you understand the same data over time. You can select any of the calendar options in the date filter to view how your organization’s user size on RingCentral products is changing over time, and you can hover over a particular date to see the number of users on that date.
Total enabled users widgetmore details.
If you have initiatives to onboard a new set of users, such as a new division of your organization or an existing one that did not use RingCentral, this widget helps you keep track of your onboarding rate over time. You can also keep track of the steady growth of users on RingCentral as you hire new employees.
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