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Last updated on February 01, 2022
To receive email reports, you must first save a generated Performance Report in one of the Analytics dashboards, then you can use the Subscriptions page to send the report via email.  
  1. From the Analytics portal, select Subscriptions from the left navigation panel.
  2. In the upper right, click Create New.
Click Create New in the upper right corner to begin creating a new Subscription.
    The page redirects to the Create New Subscription page.
Input subscription parameters.
  1. Subscription Name: Enter a Subscription Name. This should be what you want your report to be called so you can identify it in the list. 
  2. Report Type: From the dropdown, choose whether you want the report type to reflect data for Performance Report or Company Numbers
    Note: You will need to have saved a report in a Performance Report or Company Numbers dashboard first. If you selected Company Numbers, you will choose tabs to be included in from the Tabs field checkboxes. 
  3. Report: From the dropdown list, choose the name of a report you set up in a Performance Report or Company Numbers dashboard.
  4. Frequency: From the dropdown list, choose whether you want to be emailed
    1. Daily: Choose this to have the report emailed every day, and select time of delivery.
    2. Weekly: Choose the day of the week and time the email will be delivered.
    3. Monthly: Choose the date within the month or enter a number in the search field, then choose the time at which the email will be delivered.
  5. File type: Choose to view the report in Excel or PDF format.
  6. Email the report to: Add a recipient email address. To add more than one, click + Add Email
  7. Click Create Subscription.
    The page redirects to the list of your current subscriptions.
Subscriptions should be created on reports that have preset date-time windows such as yesterday, last week, last month, etc., in Performance Reports. Saving a report with a custom date range with specific dates will result in the recipient receiving the same report repeatedly. The user who created the Subscription Report has exclusive permissions to see, edit, and delete the subscription. No other user will have access to the subscription.
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