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Last updated on September 01, 2021

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The RingCentral Analytics Portal lets you understand how the RingCentral suite of products are used across your company to see usage statistics in real time or help you spot trends.


The Analytics Portal is available to all RingEX Standard, Premium, and Ultimate users. Administrators can access the full range of statistics and report options. Non-admin users can access reports, but have limited ability to alter their configuration. Admins can also set custom roles to give users access to some or all of the reports, as discussed in Configuring Analytics portal permissions
The Analytics Portal can be accessed via these browsers:
  • Chrome version 83.0 or higher
  • Firefox version 77.0 or higher
  • Safari version 13.0 or higher
  • Edge version 18 or higher

Report Types

The Analytics Portal shows usage and quality data for RingEX products across your company as graphical representations of account activity. Several different categories of reports can be fine tuned to show the information you need to make real time decisions and spot trends. 
Each report is accessed from the left navigation bar and each one shows a dashboard with unique widgets with customizable options. Hovering anywhere over the left navigation bar expands it from icons to show full report names. 
Let’s go over the types of reports you’ll find in the Analytics Portal.

Adoption & Usage

Adoption & Usage gives visibility into usage and adoption patterns of RingCentral products (such as message, video, and phone) across your organization. You can get insights such as:
  • Whether and how RingCentral products are being used (at organizational level or across sites and departments)
  • Who the power users are
  • Trends and patterns of usage
  • Who the low users/non-users are
  • Which locations/departments could benefit from a training session
  • User preferences, such as preferred devices
  • Most used endpoints, etc.

Company Numbers

Company Numbers provide the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for calls:
  • The number or percentage of all inbound calls answered on a company number
  • The number or percentage of all calls to a company number in which a voicemail was left
  • The number or percentage of all calls that were missed (includes voicemail)
  • The total amount of handle time the user spent on the calls on a company number. Handle time is all live talk time and all hold time
  • The average duration of a company number’s call, from answered until terminated, including talk and hold time
  • The number of calls placed on hold for the phone numbers selected, the average hold time, or the number of abandoned calls put on hold
  • The number of calls transferred, parked (or answered from park), total park time and the number of calls abandoned while the caller was put on park

Live Reports

Live Reports provides access to reports on inbound and outbound calls in near real-time. Dashboards let you see usage analysis and trending metrics in an easy-to-read graphical format. Choose views and filtering options to show the details that are important to you.

Meetings Dashboard

Meetings Dashboard provides RingCentral Meetings administrators a snapshot of the overall meetings usage, allowing administrators to view account-wide data and analyze any issues, including:
  • Overview of overall meetings usage in the enterprise
  • Past and live meetings
  • Past and live webinar information
  • RingCentral Meetings Rooms usage
  • Room Connector port usage

Performance Reports

Performance Reports show details of selectable KPIs for a deep understanding of performance data and better insights into customer behavior.
  • Modern interface with fast performance
  • Targeted filters available for all reports, providing better investigative tools
  • Customizable to individualize the reporting experience

Quality of Service

Quality of Service provides near real-time information on the global health of the RingCentral Phone and RingCentral Video and allows for proactive monitoring and reactive troubleshooting of potential issues.
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Reactive investigation

Rooms & Devices

Rooms & Devices is a powerful tool for IT administrators who are responsible for managing and maintaining optimal infrastructure and ensuring that the employees in their company can use the communication tools with minimum interruption. It provides the IT administrator the ability to proactively monitor the global health of the company’s RingCentral Rooms and hard-phone infrastructure. The report can be used to identify issues impacting users regarding service availability of Rooms and hard-phones.


Alerts is a tool that allows admins to configure customized notifications, such as emails, for selected call quality metrics. Using Alerts can help identify issues before they escalate, and removes the need to constantly monitor metrics in real time. 


The Subscriptions feature allows saved reports to be automatically sent to selected recipients via email. For example, a report showing the number of calls abandoned by a caller who was placed on hold can be generated by the system. Using the Subscription feature, that report, once saved, can be emailed to selected recipients.
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