Migrating a phone line from RingCentral Meetings Rooms to RingCentral Video Rooms

Last updated on March 23, 2022

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Admins can migrate any phone numbers used for RingCentral Meetings Rooms to RingCentral Video Rooms. From the Admin Portal, admins must:
  • Turn off SIP Phone Integration
  • Remove the user extension tied to the RingCentral Meetings Room
  • Reassign that number to the RingCentral Video

Turning off SIP Phone Integration from your existing RCM Room

  1. Sign in to your Admin Portal. 
  2. Go to the Meetings tab on the top bar. 
  3. Click on Rooms on the left navigation bar. 
  4. Under the Phone Integration header, slide the toggle for SIP Phone Integration to the OFF position.
Turn off SIP Phone Integration

Removing a user extension tied to RingCentral Meetings Room

  1. In the Admin Portal, go to the Users tab in the top bar.
  2. Go to User List > Users with extensions on the left navigation tab. 
  3. Choose the user extension with the phone number assigned to the RCM Room. 
  4. Under the User Details > General tab, change the Status to Disable.
Remove extension tied to RingCentral Meetings Room
  1. Delete the user by clicking the three dots next to Reset and Assign and choosing Delete User.
  2. Go to Unassigned Extensions and delete the extension to free up a license to avoid additional charges.
The phone number wil be available under Phone System > Phone Numbers > Number Inventory. You can remove the license or delete it. 

Assigning a phone number to RCV Rooms

If you are migrating from RingCentral Meetings Room with a phone line, enable the Room Phone Line feature on RingCentral Video Room. Learn more about purchasing and assigning Phone Lines here.
Note: The phone line used with RingCentral Meetings Room can be put back in Inventory or removed under Billing in your RingCentral online account.
  1. Purchase a Room Phone Line through Billing > Purchase > Rooms Licenses > Room Phone Lines.
  2. Go to Meetings > RingCentral Video > Rooms > Rooms List
  3. Choose the room to which you want to assign the phone number. 
  4. Under the Phone Line tab, click Add Phone Line
  5. Click Select and choose the phone number you just freed up from the list.
Your phone number has now migrated from RCM to RCV Rooms.
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