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Switching a meeting from your mobile device to a Room

Last updated on November 24, 2021
RingCentral makes it easy to swiftly transition a meeting from your mobile device to a conference room.

Switching a meeting from your mobile device to a Room

Before handing off a meeting, make sure your Bluetooth is on.
  1. In your video meeting, click the More icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Tap Handoff to room.
Tap Handoff to room
  1. If your Bluetooth is turned off, you will be prompted to Go to Settings and turn it on.
  2. Your phone will start searching for nearby Rooms.
    1. If no Rooms are detected from the search, it will display “No available rooms found nearby.” 
  3. Select the Room that you want to hand off to. 
    1. If the Room you are trying to hand off to is meeting already, you will receive a message saying it is in use. You can either wait or choose a different Room.
Select a room
  1. If a pairing code is required, enter the pairing code. The pairing code will be displayed on the top left corner of the host screen.
    1. If the pairing code fails, you will be prompted to try again. Check the pairing code and enter it again.
  2. Once you have handed off the meeting to a Room, you can start using your mobile device to control the Room. 
  3. To stop controlling the room, click Disconnect at the top right.
Stop controlling room

Switching to a Room while sharing your screen

  1. Click the More icon.
  2. Click Handoff to room.
  3. Select the Room you want to hand off to. 
  4. Your phone will share your screen on the Host screen to the Room after the handoff. 
  5. After the handoff, disconnect your audio and video on your mobile phone. The Rooms controller will now control the audio and video.
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