Submitting a feature idea for RingCentral Webinar

Last updated on May 13, 2022

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RingCentral welcomes your ideas for new features for and improvements to RingCentral Webinar.

Submitting an idea during a webinar

During a webinar, you can submit your ideas by navigating to the bottom menu, then clicking More > Submit feature idea. This will take you to the Customer Ideas Portal, where you can follow the prompts to submit your idea.

Submitting an idea after a webinar

Before submitting a new request, please check to see if others have made similar suggestions.
  1. After a webinar has ended, go to the RingCentral Ideas Portal.
  2. Under Filter by Category, select RingCentral Webinar
  3. Scroll through the list of submitted feature requests and vote for any that align with your idea.
RingCentral Webinar filter and upvote feature idea
  1. If you don’t find a suggestion similar to your own, you can submit a new one by clicking Add a new idea at the top left.
Add a new idea button for feature ideas
  1. Fill out the required information, then select RingCentral Webinar in the Product Line dropdown.
  2. Click Share idea.
click idea share to new feature idea form
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