Why does my question disappear after rejoining a webinar?

Last updated on March 15, 2022

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Webinar participants (hosts, cohosts, panelists, or attendees) who rejoin the webinar will find that the questions they submitted using the Q&A tool are no longer visible in the My Questions section.

Affected environments

RingCentral Webinar.


Participants experience this issue if they join the webinar on multiple devices or browsers while the webinar is in progress. 


If the participant has a RingCentral account, they can sign-in before joining the webinar. Once they do this, they will see their questions under My Questions as long as they rejoin the webinar on the same RingCentral app or browser on the same device.
If the participant doesn’t have a RingCentral account, they can see the questions they submitted by reviewing the All section on the Q&A.
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