Engage Voice | Creating a script

Before we dive into agent scripting, let’s get started by creating a script group to hold your first script. Remember, as in other areas throughout the platform, you must create a group before you begin creating or configuring any of its subcategories.
To create a script group, follow the steps below.
1. Navigate to Agent Tools > Script Designer
2. Click the New Group button at upper right
3. Choose a name for your script group and enter it in the Group Name field 
4. Click the Save button at bottom right

Creating a script

Now let’s create a script within that group. We’ll get into the actual script-building process later — right now we’re just naming and organizing your script.
1. Hover your mouse over the script group under which you’d like to create your script and click the New script plus icon that appears below
2. Choose a name for your script and enter it into the Script Name field
3. Enter any descriptive information into the Description field to the right of the Script Name field
4. Save your changes via the Save button at bottom right
That’s it! Now you’re ready to assign your script.
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