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My stats provide real-time metrics or agent stats for queues and dial groups. By using agent stats, agents can monitor their own progress and productivity. Agents can find their metrics under the My stats menu option via the left-hand navigation bar.
Supervisors can also use stats to monitor and guide their assigned agents’ progress via configurable real-time agent stats tables. Supervisors can monitor individual agents and coach them while they are on a call or in a chat. To learn more, visit Understanding supervisor dashboards.

Organizing your agent stats

Using a dropdown menu, you can choose to view different types of agent stats. No matter which types of stats you’re viewing, they’re completely customizable so you can choose to view only the stats you want to see. The stats you can view on this page consist of one or two sections, depending on which type of stats you’re viewing. 
The first section consists of panels displaying cumulative agent stats based on the queue(s) or campaign(s) you’re logged in to. 
You can change which metrics you’d like to view by hovering your mouse over one of the panels, selecting the down arrow that appears beside the stat name, and clicking on the desired option from the dropdown menu.
Selecting agent stat
The second section is a table containing the real-time metrics for either the inbound queue(s), chat queue(s), or outbound campaign(s) you’re logged in to. You can modify the view of this table into a graph format by hovering the mouse on the upper right-hand side of the table and clicking the graph icon. 
You can also filter which metrics you’re viewing by clicking the gear icon next to the graph icon to reveal the Update Columns modal window. Check or uncheck the boxes next to each stat you’d like to add/remove from the table. 
Filtering columns for agent stats

Types of agent stats

In the My stats page, you can configure your view by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The dropdown window will provide the following agent stat categories you can choose from: 
  • Blended: Allows you to view stats of the chat and call activity for the inbound and chat queues and outbound dial groups you’re logged in to. If you’d like to learn more about these inbound/outbound calling and chat stats, visit the links provided for each of the agent stat types below.
  • Chat: Allows you to view the web and SMS chat stats for the chat queues you’re logged in to. To learn more, visit Understanding chat stats.
  • Daily: Allows you to see your own performance in real time, based on a set of cumulative daily stats. To learn more, visit Understanding daily stats.
  • Inbound: Allows you to view the inbound stats for the queues you’re logged in to. To learn more, visit Understanding inbound stats.
  • Outbound: Allows you to view the outbound stats for the dial group you’re logged in to via the same equipment during the same shift. To learn more, visit Understanding outbound stats.
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