Joining a prep session in the RingCentral app for desktop and web

Last updated on March 15, 2022

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Each RingCentral Webinar starts as a prep session that can be used by the webinar host, co-hosts and panelists to get ready and prep before the live webinar with the attendees. Only the host, co-hosts, and panelists can see and hear each other during the prep session. 
If you are logged in to the RingCentral app, you can join the webinar prep session via the Webinar or Video menu. You can also join the webinar through the link in the calendar invite and email you received.
Once the webinar is live, the attendees in the waiting room automatically join the webinar, and new attendees can directly join the webinar when they click on the join link.
During the prep session, almost all webinar functionality is available to use and prep for the live webinar, such as screen sharing, audio, ability to turn on webcams, chat with the webinar hosts, co-hosts, and other panelists.

Note: The host can control whether you’re allowed to share your screen and prompt you to mute/unmute, turn your camera and mic on or off.

Joining a prep session

  1. Open the RingCentral app on your desktop or web browser.
  2. Go to Webinar or Video in the left navigation bar.
  3. Hover over the right side of the webinar and click Join.
Note: Make sure the host starts the prep session before joining.

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