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Release Notes

October 2020 Release Highlights

RingCentral app desktop, Version 20.4.10 (Release date: 10/9/2020)
  • Dark theme
    • Select between dark and light themes for your in-app experience.
  • Copy meeting info to clipboard
    • Schedule video meetings by copying the meeting invitation to the clipboard.
  • Team Connect
    • Keep your meeting and team communications more efficient by linking them together.
  • RingCentral Meetings for Outlook
    • Easily schedule RingCentral Meetings within your Outlook desktop app without requiring Office 365 authentication.
RingCentral app mobile, Version 20.4.10 (Release date: 10/9/2020)
  • Dark theme
    • Select between dark and light themes for your in-app experience.
  • Team Connect
    • Keep your meeting and team communications more efficient by linking them together.
  • Calendar integrations
    • Easily join and schedule meetings by connecting your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendars. Functionality is slowly being rolled out slowly through the month.
  • Active speaker (RingCentral Video)
    • During a meeting, the active speaker's video will be larger so that it's easily discernible who's talking.
  • Invite accessibility (RingCentral Video)
    • If you're alone in a meeting, we've made it easier to invite people to join you. 
  • Android 11 & iOS 14 support
    • Compatibility issues were resolved to allow the app to continue running smoothly.
RingCentral Video desktop, Version 20.4.10 (Release date: 10/14/2020)
  • Waiting room
    • Hosts can specify that participants be placed into a waiting room pending admittance. Available now. Learn more
  • Film strip & active speaker
    • Meeting participants can switch their view of the video gallery to film strip or active speaker layouts. Available now. Learn more
  • Video participant pagination
    • Participants in large meetings (>16 participants) can view video from all participants one ‘page’ at a time. Available now. Learn more
  • Updated user interface
    • The web recording sharing user interface allows bulk and individual selection of recording recipients. Available now. Learn more
  • Virtual camera
    • RCV supports using third-party cameras such as mmhmm, X-Split and Snap Camera to provide virtual background and special effects. Learn more
  • Copy full meeting invitation
    • Invite option "Copy meeting invite" will copy full invitation text with dial in info to the clipboard.
  • Show participant count up to 999
    • The toolbar and Participant panel now show the # of participants up to 999.
Administrative (being released in October by account)
  • License Management
    • A new single-pane product catalog view in the Admin Portal and a simpler workflow for authorized administrators to purchase and manage RingCentral licenses. Read more.
Version 20.4.1 (Release date: 10/14/2020)
  • Adoption and Usage enhancements
    • Improved and easier drill-downs include the ability to click on ‘Active Users’ and ‘Top Endpoints & Versions’ widgets to update the user table and filter departments and sites in the user table.
  • RingCentral Video QoS Meetings enhancements
    • Improved readability including the addition of graph labels (good, moderate, poor) to the session timeline view and quality scores to the session timeline table. 
  • RingCentral Rooms Analytics
    • Supports Android rooms, and dynamic tooltips providing an at-a-glance view of room status and health.N
Smarsh, Version 1.2 (Release date: 10/20/2020)
  • Archive fax data and its contents sent or received from any RingCentral endpoint
  • Archive voicemail data received through any RingCentral endpoint
Smarsh, Version 1.1 (Release date: 10/20/2020)
  • Archive SMS and MMS data and its contents
Version 20.4.1 (Release date: 10/28/2020)
  • Improved productivity for HCI Pace
  • New Engage Landing Page with RingCentral Office credentials (requires a RingCentral Office account) Learn more.
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