Engage Voice | Agent scripting elements: Buttons

Buttons are customizable action triggers that can be configured to perform specific actions or take the agent to another tool when they click on it. 

This article discusses settings and features that are specific to the Button element. Check out Editing Page elements: the basics for more information on basic element settings, and Adjusting elements on a script page for element adjustment.


Under the Scripting tab, the setting that reads Run the following script on button lets you choose one of the following actions for your button: Blur, Click, or Change. For buttons, the recommended action is Click, which simply means that the script you insert below will run once the button is clicked.
Please note that your button will execute both the action included in this custom Scripting tab and whatever action you configure via the Actions tab. We recommend avoiding this option unless you have experience with JavaScript coding.


In the Buttons element’s Actions tab, you’ll see the following settings.
  • Button Action: This field lets you choose the type of action this button will perform. Options include the following:
    • None: When clicked by the agent, no action will be performed
    • Navigation: Clicking the button will cause the user to navigate elsewhere in the script (we'll go over your choices for that in just a second)
    • Call Control: Clicking the button will perform a call control action of your choice, like hanging up the call or transferring it to a third party. You'll be able to choose a call control from the Call Action setting that will appear below. Check out Call controls overview for a full list of call controls, their definitions, and any additional settings you might find within certain call controls

Helpful hint!

If you wish to trigger the Start and Pause Recording options, you must enable call recording via the Call Recordings setting in the Call Recording Settings section of your campaign’s configuration page. To enable call recording, simply select one of the following options within that setting: Yes - Record Full Call, Yes - Record Call (Agent Pause), Agent Triggered (Default: Don’t Record), or Agent Triggered (Default: Record)
Navigation option: When you select this option from the Button Action dropdown field, you’ll be presented with your choice of destinations via the next setting that appears, labeled Change View (on click).
Navigation option triggers Go To Page
  • Change View (on click): This setting only appears when the Navigation option under Button Action is selected. The first field in this setting contains the Go To Page option, which will trigger a second set of conditions in the adjacent field
    • Go To Page: Select this option to have your button navigate to a particular destination within your script
    • Use the right-hand dropdown menu field to choose a destination for your button.
Choose next tool on Change View
The destination can be either the Next Tool or Previous Tool in your script (under the Default Flow category in the dropdown menu), or you can select any existing tool within the script as your destination (via the Tools category)
View of Tool category
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