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As we’ve discussed in the Intro to Agent article, Agent is the interface in which agents and supervisors spend most of their time. When agents navigate to the agent interface, they must first log in with their desired user credentials. After that, they will be taken to a second page, where they can configure their login information, such as choosing an inbound queue or dial group to which they’d like to log in. 
For the purpose of this article, we’ll discuss how an agent can configure their login information. To learn more about logging in using your desired login credentials, visit Logging in to the platform
Please note that in order to log in to Agent, your account must first be created by your administrator.

Configuring your login information

After an agent logs in to Agent with their user credentials, they will be presented with a login configuration page. Depending on their agent permissions, some of the options presented on this page may not be available. 
Follow these steps to configure your login information:
1. Navigate to engage.ringcentral.com and log in using your user credentials
2. If you have permission to access both Agent and Admin, you’ll be directed to a page that contains a tile for each. Select Agent to navigate to the Agent login configuration page
3. Click into the Inbound queues field to be directed to the Inbound queues page
4. In the Inbound queues page, select or deselect the queue(s) on which you’d like to take calls
5. Click the Update selection button to finish selecting your queues
6. Click into the Chat queues field to be directed to the Chat queues page
7. In the Chat queues page, select or deselect the queue(s) on which you’d like to take chats
8. Click the Update selection button to finish selecting your queues
9. If you have a Skill profile, you can choose it from the dropdown menu
10. Choose the outbound queue group you’re going to make calls for under Outdial groups
11. Choose a phone to take calls with under Voice connection
12. Check the box next to Establish persistent voice connection and Auto-answer calls (more on these settings below)
13. Click Sign in
Please note: If you’re a blended agent, you can choose to log in to both an inbound queue and a dial group at the same time. If you have not been given blended agent permissions, then you will only be able to log in to either an inbound queue or an outbound dial group — not both.

Normally, agents will only have to use the embedded softphone; however, an external phone may be used if it is required. To use an external phone, simply select External phone under Voice connection and enter your phone number or SIP address in the Your phone number or SIP field. Using this option will enable you to either use a physical phone or an external phone number that may or may not be linked to a physical phone.

Login settings

Now that we’ve reviewed how to configure your login screen, let’s discuss each of the settings.
  • Inbound queues: Use this setting to choose which inbound queues you want to log in with to take inbound calls
  • Chat queues: Use this setting to choose which chat queues you want to log in with to accept chat messages 
  • Skill profiles: Use this setting to select a skill profile, which will prompt the system to direct skill-based calls to you
  • Outdial groups: Use this setting to choose which outbound dial group you want to log in with to make outbound calls
  • Voice connection: This refers to the equipment you’ll be using to handle calls. You may see the following options to use in the platform:
    • Integrated softphone: This option is highlighted by default and allows agents to make clear web-based voice calls as an alternative to desktop Voice over IP softphone or hard phones
    • External phone: This option enables users to have an external phone line that may be linked to a softphone or a physical phone
    • RingCentral office extension: You will see this option only if you have an existing RingCentral Office account 
    • Agent extension sign in: If you don't have a RingCentral Office account, this is your only available option
  • Establish persistent voice connection: Check this box to immediately make yourself available to receive calls upon logging in
  • Auto-answer calls: Check this box to have calls automatically pop up on your screen instead of having to accept or reject each incoming call
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