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Configuring predictive dialing ratios and settings

This article will give you some context on dialing ratios as they relate to predictive dialing (only). You can find the related settings in the General tab in your campaign’s configuration panel. Scroll down to the Dialer Settings section and you’ll find the settings we’ll be discussing there.
Let’s discuss an important topic you’ll need to know about before you configure those settings — namely, how the predictive dialer calculates its dialing ratios. 
First of all, it’s important to understand that algorithm-based outbound dialers typically use data collected from the previous two rolling hours (among other factors) to calculate their dialing ratios. 
Say the system finds that between 10am and noon, agents are mostly taking one call per every three dialed. In this case, the dialer will adjust its success rate to 30%. It will then begin optimizing dialing rates to ensure it’s not dialing more calls than the agents can keep up with. 
During the first two hours of scheduled dialing, however, automatic adjustments cannot be made, since there is insufficient data to populate the algorithm. Instead, the dialer uses a different process called seeding (we’ll talk about dialer seeding next). 

About dialer seeding

Dialer seeding is simply the process of providing the dialer with your own suggested dial rate data so it can make the calculations it needs, even when it doesn’t have two hours worth of dialing data to base its dialing predictions on. 
This way, you can tell the dialer: Make 100 calls using a success rate percentage of, say, 50%. Once those 100 calls have been made, go back to the configured dialing algorithm to determine dialing ratios. 
To do so, you can provide the dialer with a number of calls to dial via the Min Call History setting. Following the previous example, this number would be 100 (although please note that we typically suggest at least 500 calls here). Next, you can create your own ideal success rate for them, which in this case would be 50%. 
Once that number of calls (100) has been dialed (at a two-calls-per-agent ratio), the dialer will switch back to its predictive algorithm and continue dialing from there.
Please note: The examples provided above are somewhat oversimplified for the sake of instruction. Our dialer uses more complicated logic than described above to make its calculations. Please also note that in-depth information on these algorithms is proprietary. If you have questions, please contact your CSM.
During the seeding process, you have the option to tell the dialer to slow its dialing rate if it encounters a certain percentage of abandoned calls. You can use the Seed Abandon Rate setting to indicate this percentage. 
The Target Abandon Rate setting functions similarly. It tells the dialer to slow its dialing rate once it meets the percentage of your choice. The difference is that this setting is referenced when the dialer has enough call history to make valid predictions, whereas the Seed Abandon Rate setting is referenced while the system is still in the seeding process.
Please note that the Target Abandon Rate is calculated using the Answer Abandon Rate, which deals with the percentage of answered calls that were abandoned, not the percentage of total dialed calls that were abandoned.

Configuring dialing ratio-related settings

Now that you understand how dialing ratios work, let’s take a look at the remaining settings under Dialer Settings:
  • Min Call History: Use this setting to indicate the number of calls the predictive dialer should use to determine live answer prediction rate and to calculate dialer speed
  • Target Abandon Rate: Use this setting to indicate the percentage of call abandons the system will allow before slowing its dialing rate
  • Seed Success Rate: Use this setting to seed the system with a percentage rate at which you believe calls on this campaign will be answered (to be used in instances during which the dialer algorithm does not have enough data to accurately predict dialing ratios)
  • Seed Abandon Rate: Use this setting to indicate the percentage of call abandons the system will allow during the seeding process before slowing its dialing rate
  • Quota Group Selection: If you’ve created a quota group using the Quota Management tool and you wish to add it to this campaign, select that group here
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