Engage Voice | Intro to priority groups

Priority groups allow administrators to set the priority of incoming chat messages for a group of selected digital queues. Once configured, the digital queue group will be prioritized over any lower-ranked priority groups and digital queues that are not in the priority group.
Priority groups should not be confused with the priority of the digital queue configured at the individual level of the digital queue. Queue priority is a preference-based prioritization. Messages from the higher priority queue would be prioritized by the system, but messages from lower priority queues would continue to be sent. 
Priority groups are used to establish absolute priority rankings for digital queues to determine which digital queues in that group should dequeue chats first. When you assign a higher rank to a digital queue in the same priority group, chats for that queue will always be prioritized over lower-ranked queues. However, the priority only applies when the system has to choose between queues with the same available agents. 
Keep in mind that the system won’t dequeue awaiting chats from lower-ranked queues if the assigned agents are busy with higher-ranked queues. 

Priority groups are created and configured by navigating to Routing > Advanced settings > Priority groups via the left-hand navigation bar.

Priority group uses

Now that we’ve discussed what priority groups are, let’s discuss how it can be used in your contact center. Let’s say you have two customer service digital queues, one for non-paying customers and one for premium customers, and the digital queue for non-paying customers is always busy. If you don’t like your premium customers waiting too long in a digital queue, you can create a priority ranking for these two queues and give a higher rank for premium customers.
Please note that you can set as many priority groups as you need, but each queue can only be in one priority group.
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