Engage Voice | Mapping auxiliary lead list data

The system provides you with a number of auxiliary data mapping destinations in case you wish to assign values to additional columns of data in your lead lists, or if you simply wish to rename and re-map any columns in a lead list file. These additional data columns can consist of any lead information you wish. 
Say, for example, you wish to upload lead birthdays in a separate column in your lead list. You can use auxiliary data mapping options to display those birthdays alongside their leads in the system. 
You’ll find auxiliary data options in your upload list modal window’s Destination list — right after the basic options we discussed in Mapping a lead list: the basics. They’re labeled Aux Data and numbered one through five.

Now, these auxiliary data options must first be properly identified before mapping them in your lead list for a few reasons. First of all, the system will need proper identification so it can create destinations behind the scenes for them. Next, the system will need to identify auxiliary data options so they can be properly tracked via reporting. Additionally, agents reading scripts will likely need to see a meaningful label that describes the data in an aux field (as opposed to just seeing Aux 5).

Creating auxiliary labels

You can easily customize auxiliary labels for these extra data options via your campaign configuration settings. Let’s set up some labels now.
1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns
2. Select a campaign to access its Configuration page
3. Scroll down to the User Defined Aux Labels section
4. Enter names for each auxiliary label that you wish to map to your lead list
5. Save your changes via the Save button at bottom right

Mapping auxiliary lead list data

Once you’ve created your auxiliary labels, you’ll be able to map these auxiliary options the same way you map your basic options.
Please note that you must have your auxiliary labels configured before you upload your lead list. If you begin loading a lead list and wish to stop and configure auxiliary labels elsewhere in the platform, you’ll have to cancel out of the Upload List modal window and your mapping changes will not be saved.
Auxiliary data represents one method for adding and mapping additional lead data to your lead lists. Another method involves using custom lead data options to map lead information to your lead list.
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