Engage Voice | Using the Leads search

If you would like to search for leads according to different parameters and/or categories, you can do so via the Leads search, which you’ll find when you navigate to Dialing > Leads via the left nav bar. 
You can use this feature to get as granular as you like with your search parameters, whether you’re looking for all leads with a certain number of passes or lead(s) with a particular last name.  
Once you’ve searched for and found your lead(s), you’ll have the option to perform certain actions on the list of lead results — everything from resetting all leads on the search results list to moving leads to a specific lead list.

The mechanics of leads search

We’ll discuss your leads search options and the functionality for each setting in the following articles, but first, let’s go over the basics of how to use the leads search management tool.

Refining and broadening your search

The Leads search offers a number of different search fields for filtering your results. You can use as many fields as you like to create hyper-granular searches with very specifically defined results. Or you can keep your search broad by entering just a character or two in one or two fields and sorting through those results. 
If, however, you have a large number of leads, it is recommended that you add as much information as you can so the system can narrow down your results and make it easier to find what you need.

Clearing search fields

If at any point you wish to clear the information you’re entering into the Leads search, you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking the Reset Form button.

Performing your search

When you’ve entered all your parameters and are ready to perform your search, you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking the View List button.

Viewing leads search results

Once you’ve defined your search parameters and clicked the View List button, the system will display a list of leads results in table format. The table displays columns with the following lead information:
  • Campaign: The campaign this lead is assigned to
  • Lead Phone(s): The lead’s phone number
  • Extern Id: The lead’s unique identification number
  • Lead Status: The lead’s current dialing status
  • Timezone: The lead’s timezone
  • Passes: The number of passes the lead has accrued so far
  • Next Dial Time: The next date and time the lead is scheduled to be dialed

Helpful hint!

The lead's next dial time can be affected by the lead's status. If a lead's default pass delay is still pending, the lead won't be ready to dial. Similarly, if the lead has reached their maximum pass count for the day (or overall), the lead will not be ready to dial.
  • Suppressed: This indicates whether or not the lead has been suppressed
  • Last Pass: The date and time of the lead’s last pass
  • Reserved Agent: The name of the agent reserved for the lead
The last column contains a pencil and paper Detail icon you can click to view an individual lead’s details. We’ll talk more about lead details later, but for now, please be aware that you can use this section for viewing lead and pass information, editing lead information, and performing actions on the selected lead.
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