Engage Voice | Understanding chat stats

Your chat stats indicate performance metrics on the chat queues you’re logged in to. You can access your chat stats by navigating to My stats via the left-hand navigation bar, clicking the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of your My stats window, and selecting Chat
Chat stats appear in two sections: Stats and Chat Queues. The Stats section includes a series of panels and the Chat Queues section includes a table (or graph). 
The stats panels and table are both customizable so you can view the type of agent stats most important to you. 

Chat stats panels

You can customize your stats panels by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the name of a stat and choosing your preferred stat. You may see the following types of stats:
  • Abandon: The number of incoming chat messages since the previous midnight when there were no agents available to take the chat.
  • Accepted: The number of incoming chat messages that were accepted by the agent.
  • Active: The number of currently active chats across all agents currently logged in to the same queue(s) you’re logged in to.
  • Deflected: The number of incoming chats that were deflected by the system before being dequeued to an agent.
  • In queue: The number of chats that are currently in queue.
  • Presented: The number of chats presented to agents since the previous midnight.
  • Routing: The number of chats currently routing to agents.
  • Abandon time: The time (in minutes) for chats abandoned since the previous midnight.
  • Answer time: The amount of time (in seconds) chats waited in queue before being accepted.
  • Chat time: The average chat time (in seconds) since the previous midnight.
  • Queue time: The amount of time (in seconds) that chats waited in queue.

Chat queues table

The chat queues stats report, located under Chat Queues, is a table that displays a summary of the call stats for chat queues over a specified time period. 
You can customize the data in your chat queues table by clicking on the gear icon that appears when you hover over the top right-hand corner of the table. When you do this, a new window will appear on your screen that allows you to choose which columns of data you want in your table. Check the box next to each stat you want to view, and uncheck the box of the stats you’d like to leave out.  
You can modify the view of this table into a graph format by hovering the mouse above the upper right-hand corner of the table and clicking the graph icon. 
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