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Last updated on September 01, 2021
Overview of the Extensions dashboard.

Extensions dashboard components

The Quality of Service page is identified in the top left corner. Along the top navigation bar are the tabs available for Quality of Service reporting. On the far right is a toggle where you can choose between seeing data for Calls, Meetings, or Webinars.
Quality of Service dashboard tabs.


Filters in this dashboard let you tailor your report. The filters are located beneath the top navigation bar. Use the dropdown menus in each to select for:
  • Users: Scroll through a list of available users, or enter criteria in the search field. 
  • Date range: Select either a preset range or choose a range going back as far as six months.
  • Activities, Video Activities, or Call Results: Depending on the Calls/Meetings/Webinars toggle, you will see details for your choice of activities used in webinars or video meetings or results of call activity options.
  • Roles: Checkboxes let you choose from the available webinar roles: host, cohost, or panelist. 
QoS Extensions dashboard filters.


Widgets on the Extensions page show data for one user’s extension, based on the date range chosen in the filter. The category of data may be tailored to either meetings, webinars, or calls, depending on the Calls/Meetings/Webinars setting of the upper right toggle. 
  • Summary: Provides an overview of volume and quality of calls, and volume of meetings or webinars.
  • Sessions or Connected Calls: A table showing meetings, webinars, or calls in which the user has participated, broken down by Recent and Problematic.
  • Geolocation Map: Shows a breakdown of meetings, webinars, or calls by location on an area map.
  • Quality: A table showing stream or call quality and volume broken down by time of day and day of week. 
  • Endpoints and ISPs: If you have selected for Meetings data, this table shows quality and volume breakdown of all streams by endpoint and ISP.
  • Upstream and Downstream: If you have selected for Calls data, the table shows the quality and volume breakdown of all calls, incoming and outgoing, by endpoint and ISP.
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