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Last updated on March 08, 2022

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Quality of Service tab 

The Quality of Service tab is located in the left navigation bar in the Analytics Portal. Clicking on the tab opens the QoS reports page, where you can view and set filters and widgets on the dashboard to show the information you need.
Quality of Service tab.
Quality of Service landing page.
The main page displays an overview of QoS reporting. Clicking on any of the tabs in the top navigation bar opens the following QoS report types: 
  • Overview: Allows you to monitor the health of your company’s phone system and display call usage data. Widgets display near real-time information about multiple attributes that can contribute to a change in call quality.
  • Extensions: Features QoS analysis by user name or extension. It displays the aggregate data for a specific user allowing for a deeper analysis of the call or meeting quality by leveraging user-specific graphs and trends.
  • Calls: Allows you to view call quality data per call to identify quality issues. It shows a list of call records based on your selected filters.
  • MOS Performance: Dashboard provides an overview of call quality levels based on the minimum and target Mean Opinion Score (MOS) thresholds for the previous month.
  • Meetings: Gives an overview of meeting details based on metrics like participants, host, duration, and more. 
  • Webinars: Gives an overview of webinar details based on streams from hosts, cohosts, and panelists.


The Overview, Extensions, Calls, MOS Performance, Meetings, and Webinars tabs have filtering options available beneath the top navigation bar. These context-sensitive dropdown fields let you choose how to fine-tune the report.
Quality of Service filters.

QoS widgets

Each tab is populated with widgets that display information relative to its category. While some are static, many are interactive. Widgets might show as circles, graphs, or tables. Let’s take a closer look. 
Circle widgets
Hover over any segment of the circle to see more information. In some cases, clicking opens the Calls tab, where you can view the details.
Circle widget example.
Graph widgets
When data is displayed in graph format, more details can be seen by hovering over a component. In some widgets, clicking opens the Calls tab for expanded details. 
Graph widget example.
Table widgets
Some widgets display data in table format. In many cases, you can select from multiple tabs or click on an entry for additional information. 
Tables widget example.
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