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Engage Digital | Updating agent permissions

When you have created an agent, you can configure the agent’s access in the agent profile. You can also configure the agent’s permissions at the team level or by assigning identities to the agent. Finally, you need to determine which permissions an agent should have to use channels to reply to customers.
Once you have configured your channels, you need to define which agents should have access to read, reply, and ignore messages on various channels configured in the platform. When first created, no agents will have access to a channel.
The permissions to use the channel must be added manually for an agent, or by a bulk edit operation for a group of selected agents. When you add new channels, you should remember to update each agent’s permissions appropriately.

Updating agent permissions

When you update agent permissions for a channel, you can select each permission individually, or you can click the name of the channel to grant the permissions to read, reply, and initiate a discussion without selecting the individual options separately. 
1. Navigate to Users > Agents in the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Locate or search for the agent.
3. Click the Edit permissions or the lock icon at far right.
4. Check the box of each channel permission you’d like to enable.
5. Click on the name of the channel to enable all permissions for that channel. (optional)
6. Click Save.

Permissions settings

  • Read: Allows the agent to view the messages from a specific channel.
  • Reply: Allows the agent to reply to a message from a specific channel.
  • Approval required: Requires that a supervisor review and approve the agent’s response to a message.
  • Initiate discussion: Allows the agent to create a post in a specific channel.
  • Delete: Allows the agent to remove a message from the specific channel.
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