Engage Voice | Embedding a CRM in the agent interface

Dan Clay owns a propane and propane accessories company in Dallas, Texas. While Dan uses Engage Voice to place outbound calls in his outbound campaigns, he wants his agents to have access to customer data stored in his CRM. Dan prefers to embed his CRM directly into the agent interface. Dan’s research determines that his CRM meets the requirements to be embedded into Engage Voice:
  • Dan’s CRM is a web-based application based on the HTTPS protocol
  • Dan’s CRM supports being embedded into an HTML browser frame (an <iframe> element)
  • Dan’s CRM has its frame permissions enabled
Dan will use Scripting Studio and Script designer to create an integrated script that he will specify for use in his outbound campaign to embed his CRM. By embedding the CRM in this campaign, his agents assigned to this campaign will be able to interactively access the CRM directly from the Agent desktop. Dan will create a page, bring in an iframe element representing the CRM in the page, provide the URL to the CRM, and specify a variable in the URL for a dashboard page for his agents to initially view.


Embed a CRM into the agent interface in order to do the following:
1. Allow agents to access a CRM web interface from within Engage Voice
2. Allow agents to directly arrive at a CRM dashboard page


Build an integrated script that:
1. Creates a page that agents will see
2. Brings the web-based CRM application into the HTML browser as a frame
3. Allows agents direct access to a particular page in the CRM, such as a dashboard


1. Using Script designer to create a script
2. Using Script Studio to build a script that embeds a web-based CRM
3. Configuring an outbound campaign to trigger your script

Recommended reading


Before building his integrated script, Dan must create a script group and a script within that group. Specific instructions for how to do that can be found in Creating a script. Dan may also want to build other functionality into his agent scripts, such as call recording or conditional choices that present different script elements based on information selected or inputted by the agent. 
For information on what you can include in scripts, see Understanding Script Studio tools.


1. Editing an existing integrated script in Script designer
2. Building the CRM application into your script in Script Studio
3. Configuring an outbound campaign to use the script

Step 1: Editing an existing integrated script in Script Designer

1. Navigate to Agent tools > Script designer via the left navigation bar
2. Select a script from the script groups page
3. Click on the Script Studio tab in the configuration panel

Step 2: Building the CRM application into your script in Script Studio

1. Drag and drop a Page tool from the toolbar at far left onto the canvas
2. Position the Page tool within your existing script flow and create the input and output connections
3. Hover over the new Page tool, and click Edit to open the Page Configuration window
4. Select iFrame from the Add Element dropdown menu
5. Click the gear icon in the far right of the element pane
6. Click Edit to open the iFrame Configuration modal window
7. Enter a description for the frame in the Input Label field
8. Enter the URL for your CRM application in the Resource URL field
9. Resize the frame to an appropriate size using the resize icon
View of adding the CRM application to Script

Step 3: Configuring an outbound campaign to use the script

1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns
2. Expand the dial group that contains the campaign you want to edit
3. Select the campaign to open the campaign General configuration page
4. On the General configuration page scroll down to the Agent Settings section
5. Select your script from the Integrated Script dropdown menu
6. Click the Save button at bottom right to save your changes
View of configuring the script to an outbound campaign
Dan has completed embedding his CRM application into the agent interface for his outbound campaign. He did that by creating a script that embeds the URL for the web-based CRM application into an iFrame for display on a page for the agents. As a future project, Dan is considering including some parameters in the URL, so that when the script executes Dan’s agents will be presented with custom information from the CRM.
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