Engage Voice | Call recording delivery overview

Call recording delivery is a service located under Settings that delivers copies of all your call recordings to the destination of your choice. You can use call recording delivery tasks to specify the types of recordings you’d like to receive, and you can use delivery destinations to configure the locations to which the recordings will be delivered. 
We store call recordings in Amazon S3 buckets, and we encrypt this data-at-rest with Advanced Encryption System 256 (AES-256 bit). This means your call recordings are protected by a government-recommended, ISO/IEC 18033-3-approved standard.

Please note: Call recording retention and delivery is a paid service. For more information, please contact your CSM. The recordings for this feature are different from agent recording. Go to Setting up agent recording to learn more about agent recordings.

Helpful hint!

Calls that are transferred off Engage Voice (managed transfers or blind transfers) are still being recorded and monitored for Call Detail Record or CDR. So long as the caller remains connected, Engage Voice will continue to host the conference, recording and monitoring of the call for CDR data.

About destinations

A destination refers to the location in which you’d like to receive your call recordings. You can send your recordings to a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server endpoint or your own Amazon S3 bucket (or both!).
If you are using an Amazon S3 bucket, we recommend that you read through these best practices for configuring and maintaining an Amazon S3 bucket. 
When you set up your destinations, you’ll have the opportunity to create multiple directories within each destination that can be used to organize your recordings. These directories are simply folders that will filter recordings according to the file paths and tokens you indicate in your destination’s directory settings.

About tasks

Once you’ve created your destinations, you can use the task functionality to set up your delivery preferences. A task is a mechanism that ensures the call recordings of your choice go to the destination of your choice.
Please note that you can configure call recordings to reach as many destinations as you like. Just remember — each task will deliver recordings to one destination per task, so if you want to send the same recordings to multiple settings, just be sure to set up multiple tasks, each with a different destination. 
Now, each task contains a filter functionality that allows you to choose which recordings you wish to deliver. You can filter call recordings in a few different ways, including by campaign and agent disposition. You can also configure filename settings (consisting of words and tokens) that you can use to indicate your categorization preferences within the filename of each call recording. 
Once you’ve applied your filters and filename preferences, you can choose one of the destinations you created earlier to send the filtered recordings to. 

Delivery timing and format

Call recordings are delivered individually and in real time; once you’ve configured your delivery settings, you can expect to see a copy of each recording delivered in WAV format to your preferred destination within minutes after the call ends.

High quality audio call recording

You have the option of enabling high quality audio call recording, which is uncompressed audio. These recordings will consume significantly more space, which is about 3-5 times larger than regular recording, and can have an impact on your monthly charges. If you want to activate high quality audio call recording, please contact your CSM.

Call recording retention

Please note that we only deliver copies of your call recordings; the original recordings will remain on a secure server until your designated retention period is over. 
The length of time your call recordings will be stored is based on your contract. Please speak to your CSM for more details. Once the retention period ends, all recordings remaining on the server will be permanently deleted.
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