Engage Voice | Intro to notifications

Notifications allow administrators to set up alerts based on the agent stats they need to monitor in their contact center. Notifications can be helpful in meeting your contact center goals so you can keep an eye on specific agent stats according to the parameters set in your alert configuration. 
For example, if you would like to be notified when there are high abandon call rates, you can set up an alert for this. You can also choose who will receive these notifications, and whether they will receive these notifications within the admin UI or via email or SMS. 

You can access and configure notifications in the admin interface via Settings > Notifications in the left-hand navigation bar. When setting up notifications, there’s a couple of ways you can add alerts and organize your notifications.

Notification groups and alerts

Alerts are used to monitor certain call events that you’d like to keep track of. Once alerts are created, they can then be assigned to notification groups, which are used to deliver your alerts to the desired location, also referred to as a target. Targets are created to specify where you would like to send your alerts. You can either send an alert to a specific user or via email or text message.
Please note that alerts must be assigned to a notification group in order to deliver them properly. Alerts can either be sent to a specific user or by email or text message.

DNIS notifications

You can set up DNIS notifications to receive email alerts anytime a specific event occurs on the phone number you specify. These parameters include if an incoming call isn’t answered, if a caller leaves voicemail, or if the call is flagged as a short call.
If you’d like to set up DNIS notifications, you do not have to create notification groups to receive those alerts. Instead, you can provide an email address in which you’d like to receive your alerts, and you will receive an email anytime the specified event occurs. 
DNIS notifications are configured via Settings > Notifications > DNIS Notifications. To learn more, visit Configuring DNIS notifications.
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