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Joining a meeting in RingCentral Rooms

Last updated on November 24, 2021

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Introduction to the RingCentral app

RingCentral Rooms: Hosting and Joining RingCentral Rooms Sessions

 You can join a meeting in RingCentral Rooms from the controller.

Joining a scheduled meeting

Scheduled meetings appear on the dashboard of your Rooms controller. Scheduled meetings also appear under Today’s meetings. On the Rooms controller, tap Join on the scheduled meeting.
Join a meeting

Joining a meeting with a meeting ID

  1. Tap Join with ID on the controller's bottom row.
Tap join with ID
  1. Enter the meeting ID to join the meeting on the TV display.
Enter meeting ID

Joining a meeting with voice command

If the voice command is enabled, you can join a scheduled meeting without having to touch the controller by saying “Hi RingCentral, join meeting.”
Join a meeting with voice command
Join a meeting with voice command 2
Your controller device will only be listening 15 minutes before and after a meeting. It will stop listening when a meeting starts. Voice command audio is processed on the client Rooms host device only and not sent to a server.

To enable voice command on your device, visit Enabling voice command on the RingCentral Rooms controller.
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